Macktez Store

Macktez works closely with clients to identify how technology can support their business goals.

But here’s the thing: technology is not just about bits that fly through the ether, it’s also about objects you hold in your hands and use, since the first time a little stone became a flint. And, as precious as your smartphone may be to you today, it’s definitely not the only tool you use. There are still pencils and post-its, irreplaceable and awesome. Those are technology too.

Over the years, Macktez has developed an approach to working with clients and managing our Team internally that focuses on long-term goals, sensible solutions, and thorough communication. The Macktez Approach means anticipating challenges instead of putting out preventable fires, and not letting sudden urgencies distract you from your core mission.

To that end, we’ve created our own tools that we and our clients use all the time: small notebooks you can keep in your pocket; large pads with gridlines, good for sketching diagrams; post-its with the same useful grid; even business cards that double as equipment labels. (We build databases, too, but, honestly, there’s no substitute for a good post-it.)

We also celebrate found objects by sharing small & useful (or small & fun) items with our mailing list of friends and colleagues. And we have an impressive collection of yellow objects, found and purchased and received as gifts over the past dozen or so years. Some we use for work, like hard cases to store equipment and soft bags to carry stuff to our client visits. Some we just like to have around, like the yellow Lego blocks, or the small Japanese eraser shaped like a cat.

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